Why this blog?

Life is a surreal dance in which you spin round and round without ever stopping. You can’t stop, it won’t allow you to stop, and when you try to stop, it prods you to continue, once again without stopping. So the dizziness of this drunken dance fills you, your heart, your body, your soul, penetrating the very marrow of your bones.

Then you breathe in, and breathe out.

Inhale… one… two… three…

Exhale… one… two…three…

Suddenly, in the union of a single thought and a single moment, two join in that blessed kiss of a simple merger. That single glimpse where all is lost, but one can capture to the fullest expression the depth of what is, and what could be. An inexplicable dream grasped, in the utter rapture of the experience. Eternity captured in one moment. Birth, life and death felt in a flash of light.

What did that first kiss taste like? The taste of green apples, or was it a peach?

Shhh. The lover speaks. Listen.

“I have called you by name, you are mine.”
“Here I am, Lord. Speak for your servant is listening.”
“Peace is my last gift to you, my own peace I now leave with you; peace which the world cannot give, I give to you.”

He gently strokes your hair.

That fucking fool is a whore, a prostitute, a stinking liar, and a cheat. Throw that stone! Take him out and beat him! He will never be loved, he will never be appreciated; he will always be alone, he will never amount to anything! Hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate gossip gossip gossip gossip stone stone stone stone stone

You are surrounded. The rocks are ready to hit their mark.

“My God, my God! Why have you forsaken me?”
“O you of little faith.”
“I can’t see you! Where are you?”
“I am here. Don’t you see me? Come and dine with me.”
“I have squandered the inheritance of the saints, and have wandered in a land that is waste!”
“I have put away all your sins.”
“But I am not wor---“

He presses a finger to your lips. Shhh.

He kisses you again, deeply and profoundly, looks into your eyes, and takes you in his arms.

“Take this in remembrance that I died for you, and feed on me in your heart by faith with thanksgiving.”

He kisses your hand. He washes your feet.

“What now shall I do, Lord?”

I HEARD a voice from heaven, saying to me, “Write”. Therefore, let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in your sight, O Lord, my strength and my redeemer. –Revelation 14.13a; Psalm 19.14

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