5 April 2008

The Credo on the Eucharist by Pope Gregory VII (1020–1085)

You can get more Coptic Iconography from here.

"I believe in my heart and openly profess
that the bread and wine placed upon the altar are,
by the mystery of the sacred prayer
and the words of the Redeemer,
substantially changed
into the true and life-giving flesh and blood
of Jesus Christ our Lord,
and that after the consecration,
there is present the true body of Christ
which was born of the Virgin
and offered up for the salvation of the world,
hung on the cross and now sits at the right hand of the Father,
and that there is present the true blood of Christ
which flowed from his side.
They are present not only by means of a sign
and of the efficacy of the Sacrament,
but also in the very reality and truth of their nature and substance."

Amen. I profess, I confess, I believe.


Padre Rob+ said...

amen. I believe

great quote (and I love those coptic icons...)

eric said...

Lord, I profess, I confess, I believe - and we pray for those who do not yet profess, do not confess and do not believe. Amen!