6 April 2008

So I finally succumbed...

...and bought a set of Anglican prayer beads.

My new set of Anglican prayer beads

Along with my close friend Eric, I've been exploring their use, and the spirituality behind them. I really like how it shares with the Roman Catholic Rosary* a theology of the Incarnation, but with Anglican prayer beads, there is a theology of applying the Incarnation and Redemption to the whole Creation, at all times, seasons, and ages. I really like this, and I've been utilizing the prayer beads in my spare moments, and before bed. (I pray Chaplets and the Rosary in bed to help me fall asleep.) Also, I like the Jesus Prayer and Trisagion combination. I'm a sucker for historic prayers, haha!

Strange, isn't it? I posted a defence of the Roman Rosary on this blog a few months ago, and now I've changed my position!

Don't get me wrong, I still like the Roman Rosary, and I pray it every day, preferably in the morning. I like the catechetical value to it. Along with seasonal hymns and a collect, it makes an effective teaching tool. My Roman Rosary has become old and ragged with use with frequent use, and it goes with me wherever I go. It's very dear to my heart, and I think I would shed a tear if I lost it.

My worn-out Roman Rosary


*Anglican Prayer Beads are not properly a Rosary, so I believe it is incorrect to say 'Anglican Rosary', or call any other prayer beads from other Christian denominations and non-Christian religions 'rosaries'. The name 'Rosary' is derived from the Medieval Marian spirituality behind the Roman Rosary. Each Hail Mary bead is thought of to be a 'rose' offered to the Blessed Virgin Mary, and so thus the Rosary is a 'rose garden'.


eric said...

I agree that it's not really a "Rosary." But I know I'll still call it that, simply out of bad habit.

I just replaced the plain centerpiece in mine with a Mary pendant hehe.

Anonymous said...

It's not a Roman Rosary it is the Dominican Rosary. In the Latin church one can find a number of "rosaries" organized in all types of way--eg. the Franciscan (Crown) rosary.

Screeching in the Angelic Choir said...

I refer to it as the "Dominican Rosary" in a previous blog entry. I'm not ignorant of particular traditions in the Roman Church, thank you.

Padre Rob+ said...

We have several sets of Anglican prayer beads in the Prince of Peace Chapel in the Canterbury House. I love using them- and a few of the students do as well. You and Eric should drop by ;)

Ramsey said...

Where did you get your Anglican rosary? I've been searching forever for that wooden version with the Canterbury cross.

Screeching in the Angelic Choir said...

Lovely for you to stop by, Ramsey! I got it at Grace Cathedral. I'll consult the pamphlet when I finally find it in the bureau dresser.