27 July 2013

Petites prières

I repent! I totally take back what I said in my previous blog post. I'm going to continue posting. It's my blog.

Word of caution: My views are personal. They do not represent the Episcopal Church in any official capacity, nor do all Episcopalians and Anglicans agree with me. 

That said, here's a few free-form "little prayers" I've been dabbling with over the past two days.

Help me, gracious Redeemer, to trust you
when I am lost to fear and uncertainty,
when I am too keen to fight back,
and when my cup shatters into pieces:
Find me where I am, and uplift me by your Spirit,
that I may know the strength of your presence,
and dwell within your  peace.
Gather my broken pieces, and make me new,
filling my heart with a lasting joy.
Mother Jesus, hear me as I wait.
Amen. Saranam.

Gentle Spirit, brooding over the Creation,
whisper to the wild waters of my soul.
Grant me the ears to listen to your prompting.
May my heart welcome what you say
and receive the grace I need.
By the prayers of Our Lady of Walsingham,
work out your purpose in my life,
and let there be light.

Parent God, I call you by many names
as I see you in the face of every human person:
I invoke your light and love
that dwells in every human heart
to come forth and create
a new world into being.
Work within us more than we can ask or imagine
through Christ in humankind.
Umntu ngumntu ngabantu.

Where there are desert spaces,
when I am in distant places,
may I know Christ’s Spirit is there.

Triune God,
you surround me in the wonder and beauty
of the universe, and in its intricate order.
When the waters of my soul are stirred,
and chaos gurgles on the face of the deep,
draw me into the centre of your being,
and enfold me in your grace.
In moments like these,
creating God, inspire me.

When I am tired and close my eyes,
hold me to yourself, darling lover.
Let me rest and listen to your heart.
Keep me warm and safe.
And when I awaken
to experience the new mercies
of another day,
I know I shall see God in you.

Grandmothers and grandfathers of my heart,
the ancient ones, my forebears,
watch over me, your child.
Enrich me, sustain me, and protect me.
Stand by me, and speak to me of the God
who is our refuge
throughout the generations
and in whom you dwell eternally in peace.

Neighbour next door,
neighbour across the street,
neighbour on the street,
neighbour to the back of my home,
be all of you blessed this day.
If we might see each other
and say “hello” or “good day”
please introduce me to Jesus in you.

Stray dog and stray cat,
let me help find who loves you,
and if need be,
let me help you find love.

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Awaken compassion within me.

Copyright © 2013 Joshua Ligan.

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